About Us

Our Vision

A Norway where cultural diversity and inclusion in business is more than just a checkbox.

Our Mission

To be the ecosystem of resources and innovative solutions that accelerate the integration of international professionals in Norway, so that as society we can enjoy a collective prosperity.

Inter-Nationals was founded by Ejiro Iluore, a Finance and Public Policy professional, who before moving to Norway in 2016 had lived in four different countries and seen first-hand the benefits of working in diverse teams but also the struggles of uprooting one’s life and starting afresh in a new country.

In Norway, she observed the relatively big progress in terms of women empowerment but also the deafening silence to the problem of high unemployment and underemployment among skilled immigrants. Her analysis of existing solutions showed zero business engagement and public policies that were skewed towards low skilled initiatives – as though being an immigrant is synonymous with being uneducated.

Inter-Nationals was started in 2019 first as an effort to create awareness about this problem and within one year we have evolved into being an integral part of the solution by leveraging digital technology and stakeholder engagement to accelerate the integration of skilled immigrants in Norway because we believe that there is much to be gained, individually and societally, when skilled immigrants are able to contribute intellectually and economically to society.