Is Equal Employment Opportunity Enough?

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A quick glance into the Corporate Social Responsibility report of many organizations shows that almost all of them have a diversity and inclusion section, which often includes statements about being an equal opportunity organization that believes in the benefits of having a diverse team. For job candidates, the understanding is clear - it is a

Gi oss flere tall!

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Brev til… SSB og NAV Norge har en av de laveste arbeidsledighetene blant EU og OECD-land. Statistisk Sentralbyrå (SSB) og Nye arbeids- og velferdsetaten (NAV) er ansvarlige for å samle denne statistikken, men på grunn av forskjeller i datainnsamlingsmetoder er det en liten variasjon i statistikken som føres

A Letter to Statistics Norway and NAV

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More informative data Norway has one of the lowest rates of unemployment amongst EU and OECD countries. Statistic Sentralbyrå (SSB) and Nye arbeids- og velferdsetaten (NAV) are responsible for regularly collating these statistics but due to differences in data collection methods, there is a slight variation in the numbers reported by these

A Letter to IMDI on Norwegian Language Training

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“With languages, you can move from one social situation to another. With languages, you are at home anywhere.” ― Edmund de Waal. F or many who have chosen to make Norway their new home, learning the Norwegian language is an important part of the integration process. Certain residence permit holders have the right to

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