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Often when internationals discuss the challenges they face as (skilled) immigrants in Norway, they come up with great ideas and solutions but unfortunately these conversations always end with no further action.

“A Letter To…” is an initiative that moves your brilliant ideas from the dinner table to the public domain, where it really matters. We want your voice to be heard and to play a part in influencing public policies. By raising awareness and offering solutions rather than simply presenting problems, we hope to bring about real changes for (skilled) immigrants in Norway.

Send your letters to us in English or Norwegian using the Contact Button on this page. Alternatively, you can send them to letters [at] inter-nationals [dot] com. Kindly indicate if you want your letter to be published with your name, pseudonym or anonymously.

We will publish your letter along with responses here and on our social media pages. We will also send a copy to the relevant institutions who hold the power to make those changes and invite a dialogue with them around it.

A Letter To
Do you have a letter for us?
we publish letters in English or Norwegian.

Do you have a letter for us?
We publish letters in English or Norwegian.

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