We unlock the benefits of cultural diversity in Norwegian organizations by engaging relevant stakeholders and highlighting skilled immigrants.


Our Tools of Engagement

Inter-Nationals operates on the basic principle that it takes two to tango. On the one hand we engage with educated and ambitious immigrants, whom we often refer to as plug and play because they require little or no training to start contributing economically and intellectually to society, and on the other hand we engage with businesses and other public stakeholders who have the influence and power to improve cultural diversity in professional working life.

We engage using the following tools:

Awareness Projects

Through initiatives like ‘A Letter To…’ and Meet the Stakeholders, we aim to shine light on the problem of involuntarily unemployment amongst skilled immigrants in Norway.

By raising awareness and offering solutions rather than simply presenting problems, we hope to bring about real changes for (skilled) immigrants in Norway.

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Work Placement

We develop and implement work placement programmes in collaboration with stakeholders from the public and private sector.

As a minimum, our placement programmes aim to support skilled immigrants to acquire the necessary work experience, language competency and network that they need to thrive professionally in Norway.

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Trainings & Events

We organize trainings and events that enrich your experiences and career acceleration as an international professional in Norway.

For organizations, we can help you design strategies needed to grow, manage and maximize culturally diverse teams.

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The Beauty of the World lies in the Diversity of its people.

Want to Create an Impact?

Inter-National collaborates with individuals, organizations and donors with an aligned goal of nurturing cultural diversity and better utilizing Norway’s international talent.

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